I am Candid Daddy and I am no expert...

The reason for creating this website was really just to share some experiences of being a working father in an open and honest way.  I am a father of three children (boy, girl, girl - in case you were wondering).  It took a while to get to this stage, spanning around five years of trying for children and suffering the heartache of miscarriages before having our son in 2012 via IUI and subsequently "naturally" conceiving our two daughters in 2014 and 2016.  It's been quite a trip. 


From my experience so far, the path of fatherhood has had its mix from silky smooth to belligerently bumpy.  Some days, I feel like a parenting titan, successfully conquering all child generated challenges with ease and deflecting all awkward child queries effortlessly. Other days, it feels like I am a tired and superfluous man-thing who, at times, struggles to repress an inner Hulk-like rage and urge to sell the children to my in-laws.

Irrespective of how smooth or bumpy the parenthood path is on any given day, the one thing that is always a constant is that I know I am ridiculously lucky.  Having kids is a privilege and an absolute blessing. Sometimes, I have to remind myself that these little alien creatures are just exploring and testing out the boundaries of the world and it's not anything personal. Even if, at times, they drive you to the point of questioning whether being waterboarded with Calpol would be more preferable than having to endure the kids' incessant nagging. I understand it might be.

So, about that vasectomy...

I look nothing like this. This is clearly a stock photo as their faces are not riddled with signs of cynicism and fatigue. Parents don't look like this.

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