4 Jun 2019

At the weekend I was diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy, the effect of which means I cannot move the right side of my face at all. In effect, I now have an excuse for (half) resting bitch face. However, the practical impact of this is that basic actions like blinking, eating,...

3 Feb 2019

Chinese New Year 2018 marked the Year of the Dog.  This year, on 5 February 2019, the twelfth animal is centre stage, so all you Pigs out there can raise your trotters in celebration for Year of the Pig. Have a little chuckle and do feel free to mock any fellow Pigs yo...

20 Jan 2019

Some call it Maccie D's, others may call it Mickey D's, people may also call it the Golden Arches, Maccies, McD's, Macca's and even, yes even...McDonDon. No joke.

Our my kids call it "Old McDonald's" and they love having an occasional treat in the form of a Happy Meal...

14 Dec 2018

So, the Pioneer turned six today.  What used to be a screaming, crying, weeing, pooing premature six pound baby has now turned into a screaming, crying, weeing, pooing six year old boy.  And, with all the clichés aside of: 

  • “W...

6 Nov 2018

I have recently been mulling over the different approaches that parents adopt towards showing their children films with swearing in it. After speaking to different parents, it does seem like there is a wide variety of what people deem acceptable.  

There is also th...

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