3 Feb 2019

Chinese New Year 2018 marked the Year of the Dog.  This year, on 5 February 2019, the twelfth animal is centre stage, so all you Pigs out there can raise your trotters in celebration for Year of the Pig. Have a little chuckle and do feel free to mock any fellow Pigs yo...

16 Feb 2018

The previous Chinese New Year was the Year of the Rooster, which was my year. Gone now are the cock jokes and today, 16 February 2018, Chinese New Year is here and it is the Year of the Dog.  

There are a lot of intriguing facts about Chinese New Year so let's kick...

27 Jan 2017

Falling on Saturday 28 January this year (tomozza!), Chinese New Year is very nearly upon us and I am delighted to say that it is the year to my celebrate my animal sign – the year of the Rooster. Feel free to hold back on the "I always knew you were a cock**" jokes. T...

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