15 Jun 2018

As a young child, I always thought I would protect my loved ones if I needed to. This was more out of a misplaced confidence that I was a superhero or that I had the same gymnastic fighting skills as Jackie Chan as demonstrated through his 1980s movies. Then, I grew up...

9 Mar 2018

Hi mum,

It's me. Mother's Day is on Sunday.

It has been nearly eight years since you left and I thought I would write to tell you how I've felt since and what has happened in that time.

You won't be surprised to hear that written words cannot adequately express how much I...

10 Nov 2017

1. If something is wrong, check it out early

Sounds straight forward, but sometimes we don't think anything of symptoms. Sometimes we are too busy to deal with 'admin', sometimes we don't want to make a fuss or sound paranoid. A myriad of reasons may cause us to ignore...

22 Sep 2017

I'm not going to lie, the reason why I signed up for the Velo Birmingham with my friends in the first instance was not for any altruistic reasons. We had just visited the Cycle Show in Birmingham and amidst drooling over expensive bikes that we could never afford, we a...

5 Jul 2017

Losing someone you love dearly can be crippling. Seeing them slowly fade before you, before the juggernaut of loss finally hits, is something that I will always fail to adequately describe. I was 29 years old when I witnessed the death of my mother after cancer had fin...

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Meet the Candid Daddy

I am the Candid Daddy and I am no expert...

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