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Babyccinos...what the...?!

There used to be a time when mainstream coffee shops didn't exist in the UK. When the influx of coffee shop chains came to dominate the high street landscape, I must admit I didn't succumb to the "£2.50 for a coffee in a paper cup" phenomenon. But, alas, the world has changed and so have I and on occasion I do buy the odd drink from the usual cohort of coffee shop brands.

Don't get me wrong, as a Yorkshire man, I still wince at the till every time I treat myself and the wife to a flat white and cappuccino. However, it feels a little more acceptable when we utilise our coffee cups to rent the little space within the coffee shop for an indefinite period. Inevitably, going to a coffee shop is not the relaxing experience that it used to be. With kids, it is usually a semi-rushed and edgy affair given that keeping the little rascals occupied and avoiding spillages are now high on the agenda.

What is more disturbing is the introduction of babyccinos. Yes, I know they are just small cups of warm foamy milk, but just think of the long term consequences. As our kids entrench themselves in the frothy milk café culture, it won't take them long before they are buying frappe-cappa-latte-cinos by the age of 12 whilst hanging out with their hipster pals and discussing the virtues of peer-to-peer lending. And, what is worse, our kids might actually think £2.50 for a coffee in a paper cup is good value - no Yorkshire born person should ever think this, it's unnatural.

What ever happened to getting to your teens and drinking White Lightning at night in the local park until you throw up?! I wouldn't want to deprive my kids of this learning curve by diverting their attentions to wide leather sofas and soft lighting. I, for one, am not going to subject my kids to this risk.

For the avoidance of doubt, baby chinos are perfectly acceptable...

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