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5 simple reasons why I want to be a kid again

Watching children grow up is fascinating and inevitably makes you hanker for those halcyon days that formed part of your own childhood. There are so many reasons why I would love to be a kid again, here are just some:

1. Life is simple.

It's heart-warming to know that kids are content with simple things. Give my kids a lollipop and an open space (preferably with grass) and they are ecstatic. You’d think they had escaped from a prison camp by the way they enjoy the freedom of running around pretending to be an animal or a monster. They don’t have the cynical, hardened edge that us adults have. No work stresses, bills, deadlines, vanity, conceit – just plain simple living. Living life, oblivious to the chaos around them. What a joy it would be to have that again.

2. Experiencing things for the first time

Just think of all the amazing things that you did for the first time that blew your mind. Now, it's been done, it doesn’t have the same awe inspiring gloss. I'd love to be able to experience my first taste of Haribo cola bottles or re-live the first time I felt an inkling in my heart and soul that the girl in primary school was the love of my life (despite this turning out to be deeply incorrect). What about the first time you could ride a bike unaided? Or the excitement you felt playing bumpy cars at the fair for the first time? So many beautiful things that we experience for the first time - mostly simple, yet significant.

3. I could eat as many sweets, cake, biscuits, crisps, ice cream, chocolate and fast food as I want and still not get fat.

Kids are like hoovers when it comes to junk food. For that matter, so am I but my metabolism doesn’t let me get away with it. By “metabolism” I mean lack of exercise or any physical activity for that matter. Whereas, our kids’ little bodies seem to handle the ill effects much better. By the way, I’m not suggesting you feed your kids as much junk food as possible. They will, of course, get fat. Eventually.

4. Run free with your imagination

The prerogative of being a kid is that you can be as bat turd crazy as you like and it is acceptable. A child's imagination is a wonderful thing and watching them play out scenarios that they are spontaneously inventing is more entertaining than most TV programmes. And, frankly, us adults lose that imagination or, if not, we lose the ability to be free with our imagination. I couldn’t care less if my kids were pretending to be a tiger named Badger who lived in Alabama eating acorns and waffles. To me, that's ingenious. Now, translate that to me doing the same thing at the local supermarket – apparently, that's weird and socially unacceptable.

5. Everything is centred around you

When was the last time you did the things you wanted to do without having to consider the needs of others? Let's go to the zoo, let's play hide and seek, let's sing "Row Your Boat", let's soil my pants and you can clean it up. You can pretty much do what you like, within reason, and parents will usually bend over backwards to make sure it happens. As long as parents feel like there is a remote chance that whatever activity that their kids choose can later be exchanged for a moment of peace or good behaviour, they'll lap it up. So, this gives children a mighty bargaining chip. I guess this can all be defined as "selfishness"...but it seems less offensive when kids do it. You want to watch Frozen again for the ninth time today, sweetie, why not...?

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