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First time I felt like a dad: GoodtoKnow commissioned blog

Hey everybody, so I was selected as one out the five winners by the GoodtoKnow (Because I Said So) August panel for my blog "Father's Day: The Real Gift" (posted on this blog on 19 June 2016).

Thanks to Emily Leary from A Mummy Too, who chose my blog as one of the month's winners. About the blog, she said: 'Candid Daddy's post covers the heartbreaking experience of a couple going through miscarriage from a perspective seldom shared and rarely talked about: that of the father. It's an expressive and moving post. One that many of us - too many - will be able to identify with.'

The result of this was the opportunity to write a commissionedblog for the GoodtoKnow website, with a chance for one of the month's five winners to write for Essentials magazine! Fantastic!

So the winner will be chosen on the number of views in the dedicated week of the publication of the commissioned blog. So, here it is...please read it, rate it and, if you like it, share it with your friends, your family, your neighbour, the milkman, Auntie Susie and Uncle Jim and everyone else you might ever speak to...


Thanks for your continued support, if it gets enough views, I might even get through to the next stage of the competition to write for Essentials magazine! C'mon, let's do this! Huge big up to Emily Leary, A Mummy Too for choosing my previous entry as a winner to get to this stage and GoodtoKnow for the opportunity.

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