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This Christmas (a poem for the ones who couldn't make it)

This Christmas

(dedicated to mum)

This Christmas, the house is filled with festive cheer,

Though, it is cold, no warmth when you are not here,

Dreaming of you celebrating with us, what I would give,

Instead, left wishing to see you, in past times relived,

This Christmas, memories help fill the void that you have left,

Presents may mask the strain but not the torment of life bereft,

Waking kids, race down the stairs to open their many gifts,

Ecstatic, yet oblivious to what they have always missed,

This Christmas, the past is engraved in the hearts of those who grieve

As time passes, the pain is dulled but the grief does not always leave,

I wish I had never took you for granted and told you every day,

I miss you dearly and love you more than you ever heard me say,

This Christmas, God knows the depth of this raw dark feeling,

The pain is sharp, but I am blessed, family and friends are healing,

It feels like the world should pause, yet time forges ahead this Christmas,

But, you are forever knitted into our lives, and with that you are still with us.

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