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My First Savsé - Baby Food Pouches

There are many varieties of baby food pouches on the market and I would assume that the two main factors for buying baby food pouches are convenience and cost. For parents who do not have the time to cook and blend their own baby food for consumption at home and on the move, baby food pouches can be a handy alternative.

My First Savsé claims to be Europe’s first cold-pressed baby food, which is as good as homemade. The food is manufactured to be 100% organic, 100% natural with no added sugars, colours or preservatives. Due to this, My First Savsé can be found in the chilled section of supermarkets rather than the baby aisle.

I'm not that au fait with how baby food is manufactured nor the difference between the nutritional value of heat pasteurised baby food versus the way in which My First Savsé manufacture food using high pressure processing as well as cold-pressing its fruit and veg. The claim is that My First Savsé is able to deactivate bacteria (a la heat pasteurisation), but without affecting the flavour, vitamins and nutritional value.

Getting on to trying the food, we trialled the various food pouches with our one-year old daughter who has every allergy known to mankind. She ate the ones we tried with gusto and with no issues whatsoever. One observation I did have was that the food consistency was runnier than compared to other baby food we have used, but this did not stop The Allergy Baby from wolfing them down.

As is inevitable with any food you feed your kids, I ended up inadvertently eating some of the My First Savsé fruit varieties (as it gets on your hands and what easier way other way to clean than lick it off) and they tasted fine. I couldn’t possibly comment between the tastiness of the My First Savsé fruit combinations to any other baby fruit puree, but they were certainly acceptable to consume.

The difficulty for me is the price. At the time of writing, a pouch is £1.70 or a current offer of three for £4. This is considerably more expensive that other baby food and I suspect this is more than most parents are willing to pay, unless there is an appreciable and clear difference in healthiness or taste. Unfortunately, it's not clear enough to me what that difference is. Whilst its generally recognised that heat pasteurisation does destroy some of the nutrients in food, I am not sure how much the effect is or what margin of difference there is between heat pasteurised food and the My First Savsé food.

In summary, my opinion is that the price is too prohibitive to justify switching to My First Savsé. Without knowing what the evidence is to support the nutritional difference between My First Savsé food and standard baby food, it's too difficult to take the leap of faith. I commend My First Savsé for taking steps towards homemade food and it certainly is a step in the right direction, but I'm just not convinced if its claims are valid without being spoon fed the information (pun intended).

DISCLOSURE NOTE: I was provided with samples of this product for feedback purposes, but all opinions stated herein are written by me and reflect my own personal views.

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