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Review: Sudocrem Care & Protect

Sudocrem has been an essential part of our baby survival kit and having three children, with one still wearing nappies, we have used Sudocrem to treat nappy rash on many an occasion. If you have children, I'm pretty sure you'll be familiar with either the teeny weeny sized tub, handy for taking in a nappy bag for those days out, or the industrial size tub which is probably half the size of your newborn itself. Needless to say, there are other size tubs, but for some reason these two stick in my more than the others!

Sudocrem has always worked for our babies and I suspect the vast majority of others. The only issue I have had with Sudocrem is that I have always struggled to apply Sudocrem evenly due to its thick creamy consistency. Trying to use a tissue or cotton wool pad to apply the creamy substance tends to just smear it without much "travel" on the baby's skin. In addition, it doesn’t particularly rub well into the baby's skin – perhaps it's not meant to (?). Don't get me wrong, Sudocrem works wonderfully so I have never had any issues with recommending it, it's just not the easiest to use.

With those bum notes in mind (sorry!), I trialled Sudocrem Care & Protect. Sudocrem Care & Protect comes in a portable tube that's quick and easy to use. The hinged flip-top cap gives you mess-free access using just one hand. There are no removable lids and little parts for your baby to play with and no searching for the inevitable misplaced caps. This was a revelation for me, not the fact that it is a flip-top cap (clearly they have existed for decades) but the fact that it makes perfect sense for Sudocrem to be in this type of container.

In addition, the consistency of Sudocrem Care & Protect is totally different from the traditional Sudocrem that we are all used to. It is the consistency of a moisturiser and much easier to apply. It does literally glide on without dragging or pulling. It rubs in a lot better and leaves a thin layer of, well, cream which presumably acts as the barrier to prevent nappy rash happening in the first place. This is precisely what Sudocrem Care & Protect is for – nappy rash prevention.

The good thing about Sudocrem Care & Protect is that you can use it every nappy change to stave off nappy rash. I used it with our youngest and it worked well. Very easy to apply, much better container and lid and, most importantly, an effective cream as you would expect. Highly recommended.

DISCLOSURE NOTE: I was provided with this product for review purposes, but all opinions stated herein are written by me and reflect my own personal views.

For more details visit - https://www.sudocrem.co.uk/care-and-protect

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