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Review: Gourmet by Sensiohome Double Electric Hob Hotplate

First impressions, looks and construction

Unboxing the Double Electric Hob revealed a smaller package than I had anticipated. Relatively compact and reassuringly weighty without being cumbersome. Out of pure interest I weighed the device and it weighed around 4kg, so light enough to carry but heavy enough to have confidence that it is relatively sturdy. The electric cooker features one small hob with 1000 watts of power and one large hob with 1500 watts of power.

Testing and Functionality

To test it, I decided to boil an egg as I could use the cooking time on my Rangemaster gas cooker as a direct comparison. The eggs I like take four minutes from adding to already boiling water to cook, which achieves an egg with a runny yolk but firm egg white. I adopted exactly the same approach and timing on the smaller hob to carry out the test. The results provided pretty much the same result as my gas hob with the slight difference being that the egg was a little softer than usual; I would say about 95% there.

As noted on the hob itself, the surround white metal that houses the hobs does get hot when in use, so something to be wary of but it's expected given it's a cooking device. The hobs are easy to use and heat up quickly when switched on.


I have used gas cookers over the years and have rarely ventured into the world of electric hobs, but I was pleasantly surprised by the performance of this electric cooker. It certainly performed competently for such a small device and heated up quickly.

The only slight niggle I would raise is that it isn't the prettiest electric cooker in the world, but that may be pretty irrelevant given it's not meant to be a permanent replacement of your usual cooker.

Overall Score: 9/10

As of writing, this is currently retailing for £24.99 and can be found for sale on Amazon.

DISCLOSURE NOTE: I was provided with this product for review purposes, but all opinions stated herein are written by me and reflect my own personal views.

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