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Candid News: People without children who park in parent and child bays have IQ and moral outlook equ

Scientists from the UK's Royal Society of Scientists have carried out extensive tests over the past two decades and discovered that people without children who insist on parking in family car park spaces are utter douchebags.

Leading scientist, Richard Montague confirmed "You would think that people who drive pretentious vehicles would know how to follow basic instructions. You would be right as these numpties do know how to follow instructions, but simply have no regard for other people.

"We carried out extensive tests and it showed that these individuals are the type of people who spit in the faces of babies and enjoy watching old ladies fall over. Basically, they are akin to Trump. Utterly abhorrent excuses for human beings and as thick as the excrement that emanates from pigs.

Mr Montague concluded "It was also conclusive that these offenders are more than likely to drive German cars or Range Rovers on finance, but act like they have the net worth of Alan Sugar. T***s".

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