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Review: GLAM & STYLE - Professional Hair Dryer 2200W

First impressions, looks and construction

The initial impression of the hair dryer is a glossy appearance and very light to hold. In fact, the hair dryer is so glossy that you can see your own reflection in it. The bronze elements of the hair dryer make it look a little more stylish and the construction of the hair dryer feels sturdy in the hand.

Testing and Functionality

As a man with short hair, I decided to test this myself as well as involve my wife in the trial as she has shoulder length hair and uses a hair dryer much more frequently. Our observations were that the power of the hair dryer was good and the two settings were useful and feature on most hair dryers. The heat of the hair dryer was impressive but this actually became a bit of a gripe. The issue being that setting two is a little too hot and setting three is scorchio. This is not a problem in that setting one is warm but our preference was for a hotter setting to dry hair, which meant setting two (being a bit too hot). Needless to say, this can be overcome with a bit more distance from the hair and a bit more shaking "it like a polaroid picture"...

The two metre cord is helpfully long and will cater for the majority of people. Standing up and using the hair dryer is not a problem as well, but you would need to remain in one place as the cord wouldn’t stretch much further unlike some other hair dryers we have used.

One issue that we felt reduced the practicality of the hair dryer was the placement of the buttons. As the buttons are located where your hand naturally holds the handle, it led to a few accidental presses of buttons. Other hair dryers we have feature "slide" buttons so require no pressing, which removes any accidental switching. Clearly, this is something that you can get used to and it may have been a more obvious issue for us due to what we have become accustomed to.


The GLAM & STYLE hair dryer feels well made and has all the features you would need from a hair dryer, but has a few little niggles which brought down the overall score. However, this good looking hair dryer does everything you would need and if you can overlook the small issues, you can't go wrong.

Overall Score: 6.5/10

As of writing, this is currently retailing for £20 and can be found for sale on Amazon.

DISCLOSURE NOTE: I was provided with this product for review purposes, but all opinions stated herein are written by me and reflect my own personal views.

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