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Candid News: Parents shout hypocritical commands at children and hope they don't notice

Parents, Paul, 26, and Sharon Dobson, 27, have adopted entirely hypocritical methods of parenting to discipline their three children. These hypocritical parenting techniques include actions such as shouting the demand "STOP SHOUTING!" at the top of their voices in a bid to get at least four seconds of peace and quiet.

Paul confessed "I know we say things that are utterly contradictory to our own behaviour, but I don’t think the little suckers realise. Even if they do realise, they need to learn that life is unfair".

Other commands adopted by the couple include requests like "Stop picking your nose, it's disgusting" and restrictions such as refusing their children's demands for a biscuit "because it's nearly teatime" or "you've already had one today". Such tactics are employed by Mr and Mrs Dobson, whilst knowing full well that these will be contravened by them merely minutes after making such statements.

Sophie, aged 5, remarked "It is ridiculous, I know full well what those numbnuts are doing. I've seen them stuffing their faces at 8am with chocolate Hob Nobs when they think we are out the room, whilst telling us 'biscuits are a treat'."

Jimmy, aged 3, commented "I'm calling BS on this."

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