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Review: Alienwork IK Black Quartz Watch - Unisex

First impressions, looks and construction

As I have said before, I am a big fan of watches. So, I was very pleased to be testing and reviewing a watch by Alienwork. Watches can be hugely varied in style and price and is always a very personal preference. Whether it's a Maîtres du Temps, a Patek Philippe, a Swatch or a Casio - all watches have a place to satisfy different tastes and needs.

So, where does the Alienwork IK Black Quartz watch fare in the world of watches? The first impression is always the packaging that a watch comes in. Now, this Alienwork watch comes in a material wallet, which is unusual but not necessarily a bad thing. The watch is tucked neatly under one the sleeves and is kept safe from damage. Personally, I am used to watches coming in boxes, but it makes little difference other than initial impression, which may be better if the watch came in a more solid package. At the end of the day, it is the watch that is the main event so this may be irrelevant for most people.

Now, the Alienwork watch is what I would deem as a watch for someone on a budget. It is fairly cheap as watches go and my expectations were proportionate to that level of cost. The look of the watch is subtle and minimalistic, yet stylish and the grey face fits well with the black metal Milanese band and watch surround

One aspect that did immediately strike me about the watch was the logo. The layout and the font style did remind me of the CK watch logo. This is clearly not deliberate, however the overall style is similar to some CK watches I have seen. Some may view this as a good thing as it is a cheaper alternative to something that is more expensive. Others may prefer to avoid the similarity. I would probably lean towards the latter.

With that said, on initial inspection, it is a simple yet effective every day watch which is understated but nice to look at.

Testing and Functionality

The watch is a satisfying weight and does not feel flimsy to hold. The size and style of the watch is such that it would suit both men or women to wear, which is how it is marketed. I found the metal band to be a good medium width to suit the vast majority of wearers and not look out place on a man or woman.

The metal clasp that holds the band together is uncommon, being a "hook and press" clasp. This did not create any practical problems, so I was pleasantly surprised that it was simple to fasten. I was not sure if I preferred a more traditional clasp but the look of this clasp does suit the overall style of the watch. The strap itself feels robust and comfortable on the wrist. The time was easy to set in the usual fashion via the side dial and the watch was easy to wear.

I do like the overall black band and surround together with the grey face, which are complementary. In addition to this, the simple look of the hour points and dashs really does suit the watch and makes the minimalist look more effective. An observation was that there is no additional hand for seconds and no date feature, so those are, again, down to personal preference if you care about having every second counted and a date reminder.


In summary, I think that the Alienwork IK Black Quartz watch is a simple and good looking watch which would suit general every day wear. Given the price, it is an easy purchase to have a decent looking watch for such a cheap price. If you like the design, I would not hesitate to buy it given it will suit all occasions and can form part of a larger range of watches if watches are your thing.

One advantage is that the watch also comes in different colour faces and bands and all look good, maintaining the minimalist and contemporary style.

Overall Score: 6/10

As of writing, this is currently retailing for £20.14 and can be found for sale on Amazon, via this link:

AMAZON - Alienwork IK Watch Link

In conjunction with this review, you can get a 50% discount, which makes this cheap as chips! Simply enter the following code on checkout at Amazon: L7K45I3S

DISCLOSURE NOTE: I was provided with this product for review purposes, but all opinions stated herein are written by me and reflect my own personal views.

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