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Chinese New Year 2019: Celebrating Year of the Pig

Chinese New Year 2018 marked the Year of the Dog. This year, on 5 February 2019, the twelfth animal is centre stage, so all you Pigs out there can raise your trotters in celebration for Year of the Pig. Have a little chuckle and do feel free to mock any fellow Pigs you know. Feel free to use outright insults about their porky appearance or more subtle “smells like bacon” or “bit of a sty” references. Anyway, once you’ve finished bludgeoning your friends and family with pork puns, it’s time to learn something you didn’t know about Chinese New Year.

Every year, I try to provide some facts about Chinese New Year and this year I stumbled across a beauty. Admittedly, I have never heard of this before, but allegedly there is a new trend happening in China relating to singletons. In China, females are said to be marriageable up to 30, and males before 32, so desperate parents try to arrange prospective marriage-worthy dates for their single children. To combat this, singletons have come across an equally ingenious and ridiculous solution - renting a boyfriend or girlfriend for the New Year. There are now websites and agents available to assist in providing a temporary bae for struggling lovers. I understand the price can range between US$16 to US$200 a day for such a pleasure. Whilst it does feel like a 16 dollar partner is a bit budget, I’d imagine that if it gets Nanny Jones off your back for a couple of hours, then it’s probably worth the embarrassment of the KFC-Family-Bucket-priced stand in. Being single has never been so complicated!

As mentioned in previous years, I am not into the whole horoscope thing, but it would not be the same if we didn’t take a cursory glance at what the alleged personality traits are for Pigs. So, for all you Pigs out there, this is you:

Strengths Diligent, compassionate, generous, focused, calm, innocent, romantic, optimistic, contented, popular, cheerful, honest and (I’m not making this up!) highly sexual...hmmmm...

Weaknesses FAT (just kidding), impatient, gullible, impulsive, naïve, stubborn, materialistic, over-emotional and narrow-visioned

So, all in all, you Pigs are complicated beasts!

Whether you are a Pig or otherwise, I wish you a Happy Chinese New Year to you and family. May your CNY be filled with good food, good company and something Pig related.

Kung Hei Fat Choi!

FYI, here are some of the world's most famous Pigs:

Tupac Shakur, Lance Armstrong, Hillary Clinton, Amy Winehouse, Pete Sampras, Elton John, Mariah Carey, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Elon Musk, Ronald Reagan, Mark Wahlberg, Simon Cowell, Idina Menzel, Magic Johnson, Stephen King, Sacha Baron Cohen, Ewan McGregor, Chris Hemsworth, Alan Sugar, John McEnroe, Julian Assange, Julie Andrews, Carl G. Jung, Henry Ford, Dalai Lama


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