Cycling the 100 mile Velo Birmingham for Macmillan Cancer Support!

8 May 2017

BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE. Since my blog for Macmillan Cancer Support​, I mentioned I am undertaking the Velo Birmingham with two friends to raise funds for Macmillanin memory of my late mother. This is a backside and "gooch" destroying 100 miles with over 6,500ft of climbing.


We would be super grateful if you could dip into your pockets and donate some hard earned cash for the cause. If you donate, please be assured that you will get your money's worth in our pain and suffering. The donation link is below:


To put this into context, just imagine three novice cyclists who have a deeply inappropriate penchant for lycra, sweating away, in lots of pain and quietly sobbing to themselves, whilst trying to continue to pedal and reassure themselves that they won't need the use of their backsides, testes or legs for the next three months (minimum) anyway. That will be us. #cancelthevasectomy #dontneedthemanyway


p.s. we're named the Froome Wagon (in homage to the incredible Chris Froome​), it seemed like a funny pun at the time...(Froome Wagon, Broome Wagon...genius I know)...less so now.


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