Candid News: Parents talk about children on date night despite promises not to

25 Oct 2017


Parents, Timothy, 31, and Laura Perry, 29, recently broke their promise not to talk about their own children on a recent date night. Despite having made the promise only three minutes before embarking on their first night out since having kids to an overly priced Italian, the couple failed miserably in their attempt to speak about anything other than their offspring.


Timothy said "You'd think that we'd be able to talk about something other than our kids given we spend every waking moment thinking of ways to avoid looking after them, but the little horrors just kept slipping back into conversation".


The parents repeatedly tried to think of other topics of conversation such as what they would do in a zombie apocalypse and that hilarious time Laura got trapped in a pub toilet cubicle for an hour before Timothy noticed. Despite such attempts, the couple still eventually got back to talking about how fast the children were growing up.


Laura added, "It was uncanny. No matter where the conversation went, it still came back to when we thought little Terrence might eventually sleep through.


"We don’t actually mind talking about the children, it's not like we don't spend every single waking and sleeping moment with them, but Phil and Janet next door said they insist on not talking about their kids when they go out. So, we felt like we should do the same.


"I think we're just going to talk about whatever we like next time. Phil and Janet can p*** off".  



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